Hi, my name is Mihael D. Čačič.

You’ve probably clicked on this page to see if I’m “legit”. Well, I am a real human born and raised in Slovenia. (Bet you don’t know where that is!) I’m a certified workaholic that loves seeing people succeed with their business and live the life they want.

I started copywriting last year. Since then I’ve written more than 100+ pieces of copy for various clients and personal uses. You can find some in my portfolio.

Though I’ve written a lot of websites (and even some video scripts and FB ads), I mostly do Email Marketing & Copywriting… Particularly in the health space niche (like nutrition, supplements, fitness, and personal development). I believe these go hand-in-hand… Not to mention I’m a gym rat and a supplement nutjob myself!

Why Email?

I love the conversational tone. The jokes. The conversations with subscribers. I love to teach and explain. I love analytics and trackability. And I love the fact that it’s only THE MOST profitable marketing channel out there!

Anyhow… I really fucking love email 🙂

I wasn’t always destined to do email marketing, though. I actually graduated from theoretical Physics but switched careers one month after graduation. Physics just didn’t do it for me… Neither did Data-Engineering which was my intern job for almost one year… I simply needed more creativity.

My Achievements:

  • 100% client satisfaction rate since I offer unlimited reviews. (I’m also like, super chill to work with.)
  • The costliest item I was hired to write copy for was a $5000 equipment for maternity hospitals.
  • My highest preforming Facebook ad was a short 5 day campaign for mere $28.88, that sold three online courses for the total of $510.
  • My start was all over the place. On one hand, I helped companies sell sunglasses, on the other, I sold painting curses for an academic artist.
  • I’ve written a lot of blog posts and essays during my studies. From productivity strategies to essays about complex numbers for the general population.
  • When I was an undergrad, I spent the entire summer writing a book called “The Little Red Book of Intervals and Derivatives”. It helped a lot of my younger colleagues with transitioning from high school to college math.
  • I’ve written a 4k word video script and a storyboard for a mobile game… which was sadly never released due to some technical difficulties the devs had.

Main Reason Why I Stand Out

The main reason why I stand out is because you can NEVER lose money with me. Thanks to the following IRONCLAD GUARANTEE:

In case my services are provably NOT profitable (you paid me more money than you gained from the campaign), I will RETURN ALL YOUR MONEY with an additional something as compensation for your troubles. 🙂

Let’s work together.

Let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit to work together. Fill in the form below or shoot me a message to Mihael@MailScriber.com

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